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For all you interested in survival and bushcraft out there a real survival series is about to hit our screens.

Jonathan Simons from Tracks4life is set to front a new survival programme, "Survival Matters"

Currently filming on location around the British Isles; the first series of "Survival Matters" will show detailed, basic survival techniques to everyone who wants to take advantage of the amazing diversity of outdoor areas available to us here in the UK.

Much of the footage is shot on Steadicam and the entire series is being filmed in high quality HD, giving it a unique and adventurous look.

"Our aim is to create much more than just another TV series" says Jonathan, "Survival Matters will become multi-format, multimedia high quality guide to staying safe and making the most of you time outdoors."

To view the trailer, follow the link below:

Survival Matters trailer on Vimeo

Survival Matters trailer on YouTube

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